What You Should Know About Driver’s Training in Virginia For Teenagers

If you are a teenager from Virginia, and you want to get your first-ever driver’s license, otherwise known as the provisional license, there are many things you should be familiar with. Read on to find out about what is in store for you when it comes to complying with requirements of the Department of Motor Vehicles in Virginia.

What is the Driver’s Training?


Basically, the Driver’s Training is an important component of t the Driver’s Ed. This will allow teenagers to practice the safest driving techniques with the help of a driving instructor. It also has the supervised driving practice component where you will be able to further your experience and be prepared as you drive behind the wheels once you have been issued your first-ever driver’s license.

Driver’s training requirements for learner’s permit

For those of you who are under 19 years old, you should be able to comply with the requirements of the learner’s permit phase. This part of the licensing process requires you to complete both driver’s education and training. Also, you must be at least 15 ½ years old to be able to qualify for a learner’s permit.

What to expect before getting your provisional driver’s license

Even with supervised training practice, you will be given requirements before you will receive the provisional license. You are expected to complete the in-car instruction which will take 14 periods that consist of 7 periods each for driving practice behind the wheels and observation. You must also comply with the classroom instruction that covers 36 periods. Likewise, you are expected to complete 45 hours of supervised driving practice. It is also crucial that you are holding the learner’s permit for 9 months before you will be issued a provisional driver’s license.

Who offers driver’s training course in Virginia?

As mentioned, driver’s training in Virginia is covered by Driver’s Ed. As such it can be offered by a wide array of venues including private and public schools as well as professional driving schools. It can also be offered by parents for their home-schooled teens. It does not matter what training venue you will use to get your driver’s license. What matters is you should complete the minimum 7 period of driving behind the wheels with each period lasting up to 50 minutes. As soon as you have completed all the requirements for the Driver’s Ed course, you will be issued a corresponding completion certificate.

Let us emphasize on driver’s training provided by parents for their home-schooled teens

If you have been attending home schooling, your parents can definitely be part of your driver’s training. The so-called in-car training part of the Driver’s Ed allows for that. Your parents, or any of your parents, though must seek approval from DMV in order for them to be part of your driver’s training. A parent will only qualify for that when he/she:

• Has completed the (HS-1) Parental Authorization Application for Home-Schooled In-Car Driver Education.

• Can show a letter certified by the school district proving that you are enrolled in home schooling.

• Has to prove that you have already completed the 36 periods of the Driver’s Ed classroom training; and

• Has mailed all these documents to DMV’s Commercial Licensing Work Center (P.O. Box 27412, Richmond, VA 23269)

The supervised driving practice component

The supervised driving practice is that component of the Driver’s Training where a licensed adult will supervise your practice driving. You can only do this with a learner’s permit and provided that the adult you are with is at least 21 years of age or at least 18 years of age if he/she is a guardian or a family member. The 45-hour requirement for supervised driving practice should include at least 15 hours of nighttime driving. Once you have completed this, the licensed adult should sign your completion certificate.

When will you be eligible for the so-called provisional license?

Let us now have a review of the Driver’s Training Requirements in Virginia. You will only be eligible for your provisional license once you have completed your driver’s training requirements and have subsequently completed the number of hours required for supervised training. Additionally, you should be holding the learner’s permit for a period not shorter than 9 months. Of course, you should pass the DMV driving test for the state. A road test will also be required when you are below 19 years old. You should also be at least 16 years and 3 months old to be eligible for the provisional license.

Now that you know the basics of the Driver’s Training in Virginia, you can proceed to look for the right training venue. You can visit a Woodbridge driving school for more information about how you can take up professional driving lessons as part of the requirements for provisional license by the DMV in Virginia.

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