Road Safety Driving Rules For Learning Drivers And New Drivers

You have been waiting for the day that you will get your driver’s license and now that you are on your way to getting one, you should never hesitate to agree with obeying road safety rules while you learn driving. For those who are new drivers, you should be a responsible driver at all times and as such, you should listen to what others tell you or understand and learn driving laws by heart. Here is a list of the most common road safety driving rules to follow for all of the learning drivers and new drivers out there.

No to multitasking behind the wheel


Perhaps, your car is equipped with the best features that will allow you to multitask. However, if you are on provisional license, you should not attempt to multitask behind the wheels. It is your obligation to NOT answer phone calls, read and send text messages and operate MP3 players or even put GPS to work while driving. If you feel that the phone call is important or you need plotting directions for an unfamiliar location, you can pull the car into a parking lot to do that.

Limit your passengers according to what the law states

You might be very excited to call your friends and let them experience riding with you behind the wheel driving for them. Well, while that anticipation to drive for them will surely be something you have been looking forward to for a long time now, you have to remember that there are specific limitations as to the age and number of passengers you can take with you. You have to be familiar with the rules in your specific state or ask other professional drivers about such regulations. Remember what you have been told in driving school about these rules. Once you have proven that you are a responsible driver, the restrictions will then be eliminated, at least slowly.

Set some limitations especially when driving at night

Driving at night may fascinate you now that you have been issued a provisional driver’s license. Well, while the excitement is there, you have to remember not to be so eager to explore driving too late at night especially when you are going out for a drinking spree with friends. Remember that you are still a learning driver and even as a new driver, you still need time to get used to driving in challenging situations.

Over-speeding is definitely a no-no

Even several state provisions include precautions as to speeding especially in busy highways and roads. Perhaps you will see road signs and hear other people telling you about this. Do not be irritated if you would have to be reminded about this most of the time. There are consequences of over-speeding and you must understand the potential risk for crashes, demerits and costly tickets that come with it. At the worst, your license and driving privileges may be revoked once you have been found out over-speeding on the road. Take note that you are under provisional license and the punishment for over-speeding can cost you not just money but your license as well.

Fasten your seatbelts

Wearing safety belts is a reminder that comes not only from professional driving laws but from road signs too. However, when it is your first time driving behind the wheels, you might want to experiment and deviate from this rule and try things on your own. Remember that nearly all state in the country has a hefty fine for non-wearing of safety belts. You would not want paying over $200 for such a violation. Therefore, if your parent says wear your seatbelt, you should abide accordingly.

It is also a no for “DUI”

Driving under the influence of either drugs or alcohol is certainly not a good idea. Even driving for someone who spent some time drinking and drugging is a no-no. This is a costly mistake you will ever make. If in case you have taken in alcohol in a friend’s party, you should take time out to call someone you know who is licensed to drive you home.

Drive only during acceptable weather conditions

You may be introduced the basics of driving in different weather conditions. That will certainly make you confident enough to drive into different types of weathers. This is too risky on your part as a first-time driver. In case you did not expect a storm coming, you might as well pull off to a safe parking area. If a friend’s house is just within reach, you can ask to stay with his family for the night. Make sure you contact your loved ones and let them know you are safe.

Road safety driving rules were made to give you a safer, smoother, driving experience – whether you are a learning or new driver. For those of you wanting to get a provisional license, enroll in a driving school in Alexandria, VA and be ready to get acquainted with all road safety rules that will keep you safe!

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