Parents, Here’s How You Can Teach Your Teens To Learn Driving!


The car’s all set. The engine sounds good. The mirrors are properly adjusted. Your son is simply buckling the seatbelts. Now, you can see his face beaming with anticipation. The car slowly moves backwards and is leaving your driveway. It is carefully going out on a seemingly new journey down the familiar streets in your neighborhood. Suddenly, you feel like your heart is pumping hard and it is as if you are catching your breath too. The car is not yet screeching. The breaks are mighty fine. It is you who is nervous because it is your son’s first time to drive your car.

He is still learning the ins and outs of driving but you have to give him credit for his braveness. Do not be the usual back seat driver though. You have to give him an A for effort. Add to that, it is your duty to guide him as he travels this new road to reaching his dreams.

Encourage him to follow you

Never argue with him. Do not nag him. Tell him everything will be alright. We all know that driving can be nerve-wracking for both of you by now. The risks are there but if you become more willing to answer his questions, then everything will turn out the way it should be. Refresh your memory and try to remember how you learned driving too. It would help if you look for resources that will teach you on how to encourage your teens to drive.

Teach him that experience is always the best teacher

Practicing is crucial when you want your child to learn driving the proper way. With consistent practice, he gains an experience that will be his own teacher later on. You must also introduce him to different driving conditions, even the most challenging ones. That is the only way he will be calmer and more confident on the road later on. Make him take steps slowly but surely. You should have a plan as to what particular driving skills to teach him for every session. There is no need to rush things when it comes to this endeavor.

Look for just the right place where he can practise his driving skills

Do not let him drive on busy streets if it is his first time. You can start within your neighborhood. You can also encourage him to use an empty parking area where he can practice the most basic car control skills. From there, you can look for an area where there is little traffic. This will then make him learn more about traffic signs and understand the rules when it comes to four-way stops and the importance of slowing down around curves.

Proceed to teaching him the more advanced skills

Learning how to drive is not about basic skills all the time. Like any other learning endeavor, there is the so-called progress in driving. From the basic skills, your teen will be ready for more advanced skills. This time, he can drive on busier, bigger highways. When he is already in an advanced phase, you can teach him about changing lanes, maintaining the right speed pace depending on road conditions, understanding the various traffic lanes, stopping at intersections and/or traffic lights and using different types of ramps with the right speed.

Be ready to explain a lot of things to him

Your son may try your patience at this time but it is your role as a parent (if you do intend to guide him) to introduce him to various problems that may arise with driving. Let him know that while he is a cautious driver, there are drivers out there that may not go by the traffic and safety rules and the chances of risks or injuries will come when that is the case. Let him learn how to watch out for potential hazards on the road too and encourage him to be a responsible driver who will always watch out cars from different directions whether he is on a four-way stop or approaching a parking area outside the mall and whether he is driving at night or has to deal with the rain and snow.

Explain whatever expectations you have

Discuss all of them with your teen. Let him know how long it will take for him to practice each driving skill. Make him understand that there is no instant road to driving successfully. Boost his confidence. Make him comfortable. The goal is to make him safe behind the wheel at all times.

There are indeed a lot of things that you should take into consideration as a parent of a teen who wants to learn how to drive. If you want him to enhance his skills even more, you should actually enroll him in a professional school where your child can learn driving from an instructor. You can try our driving school in Fairfax, VA. We can give your teen that learning experience that you always wanted him to have when it comes to driving!

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