Driving Lessons: Going the Extra Mile

We see a lot of people driving cars with ease on the streets and it’s a very good experience to drive a car. Now a day most of the teens know to drive a car, but have they learnt it in a correct manner. Well, to be frank, the answer is a “NO”. Most of the teens seek their driving knowledge from their friends and family members. Yes, they can also learn through friends and relatives, but they cannot learn the proper driving technique and tips that are to be followed while driving a car. Learning to drive a car is a pleasant experience and most of us would have enjoyed doing that. For people who want to learn car driving, the best idea is to hit a good driving school, which has professional instructors and equipments.

When we learn through acquaintance we will not be able to learn all the signals, laws and regulations and signs that are to be used while driving a car because our relatives will not know all the laws and regulations in the jurisdiction and would have broken some laws by themselves. So, the best way to learn proper driving is by going to a good Driving school. Taking driving lessons wrongly will result in breaking the traffic rules and later on paying a huge sum of money as a fine. It is the responsibility of each and every person to learn driving in a proper manner like all the other homework that we do for our colleges. Driving is fun and at the same time it is challenging too.

Many people want to learn driving, but they are just frightened about the danger. But, when you are learning through a Driving school, then the learning process gets easier and safer. Also, learning safe driving is very important because the road is also common for other general people. And if you mis-drive a car, then some life might be at risk. It is always an added benefit if you go to a driving school to learn your driving lessons. These lessons will not only make you a proper driver, but also a safe driver.

Let’s see what the driving classes can teach you,


Safety comes first in every field. For a driver, to drive safely is the main requirement. The driving school teaches you to drive your car safely without any distraction. They also teach you the signals that should be followed while driving the car. Signals are really important because they play a major role in avoiding the accidents. The driving school also teaches us about when to break a car and how to break a car’s speed. Each and every thing is very important while driving a car because when we drive our vehicle through the streets, there will be many more innocent pedestrians. So, every driving school has their own way to teach the safety measures. The method of teaching may vary, but the content is all the same.

Reviewing your car

When you have completed your learning properly from a driving school, it does not mean that you have only learnt to drive the car with the safety measures. It also includes the checking of your car. The car becomes your close friend by now and so you have to keep an eye on him always. If he reacts oddly, it is better to take him for a service. All this kind of lessons is also taught in a driving school. Before you start your car and set off for a drive, there are some basic things that are to be followed.

  • Check your mirrors, the rear and side.
  • Adjust the seat for your own convenience.
  • Lock off the hand brakes.
  • Check the amount of fuel and if the quantity is low, then fill in at the nearest gas station.
  • Check for any dust on the windshield and if you find any, wipe them off.
  • Adjust the steering wheel to your height.
  • Lock the doors before you set off.
  • Check the tire pressure.
  • If you are about to leave for a long journey, then check the water levels.

All this basic things are to be followed and will be taught by the instructor in the driving school.


As told above, after the safety lessons, the instructor teaches all the signs, symbols, traffic signals, laws and regulations that should be followed while driving a car. They also strictly warn you not to drive a car when you are intoxicated.


After all, the theory classes are over, the instructor helps you with the practical classes. He sits with you and makes you drive through the traffic and other conditions. This is the most vital part of your driving. He allows you to practice until you are fully done with your driving. Only when the instructor is satisfied with your driving, he allows you to go for the license test. He makes sure that you are fully fit for the test and the hard roads.


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