A Roundup Of Best Learning-To-Drive Tips From Driving Instructors


Driving is an activity which is not compulsory for anyone to learn or do, but it is something that is pursued by most people to satisfy their daily needs and necessities. If you are looking to learn driving, it is important that you understand that this activity must be learned properly and also implemented with great care because a single mistake can cost you dear. However, learning driving skills is not hard, other people have been there and that is why there are so many skilled drivers out there. And when your examiner says ‘you have passed your driving test,’ just know that the doors have opened to a whole new world. Below are expert tips from driving instructors:

Don’t plan for the driving test, plan for your life

It is very important that you focus on learning skills for life, don’t just focus on learning skills to pass a test. There are many things that you will have to learn in a driving school and one of them is safe driving skills which you will use forever. Would you feel safe driving with a kid in the back? Then you are ready for life post test.

Don’t dwell on those small mistakes

You are advised not to dwell on the mistakes you make during your lessons or driving test. Of course you won’t change them and there is always time for improvement. Learn from the mistakes and move on because the error doesn’t guarantee you are a failure. Concentrate on what you are seeing ahead of you at that very moment instead of looking back at what has already happened.

Practise with the music on

There comes a time when it is important to practice driving with music on. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will be listening to the tunes during your driving lessons. Practising with the music on is a great way to prepare you for going it alone on the road.

Think about your footwear

When you start learning to drive, your shoes may not be the first thing to think of, but wearing the wrong kind of footwear can make driving harder and dangerous too. It is advised that you wear shoes with flat and thin sole. This way, you will be able to feel how the car responds to what you are doing.

Think about how to learn best

Can you think about how to learn best? You better find out if you don’t know where to start. You should appreciate the fact that every learner is different and that is why it is crucial to know which teaching techniques and learning style works best for you. Find out if you are a practical learner or if you learn best through listening and reading, and then work to make use of what suits you best.

Know your routines

When it comes to learning how to drive, you are likely to hear a lot of strange terms, so it is important you get to know what such terms mean. The MSPSL routine for example, denotes “Mirror, Signal, Position, Speed, Look routine,” which every driver will go through every time they are on the road. It is important that you learn the routines and make sure to use them every time you are on the road.

Get the gear changes right

One thing anyone can’t be pleased with when driving is to hear a clunky gear change. You will be taught on how to position your palm when changing gears and make sure to use the advice whenever you are driving. When changing into the first and second gears, your palm should face towards the passenger. And when changing into the third and forth gear, your palm should face towards yourself. For you to achieve a smooth gear, it is advisable that you take a moment to position your palm in the right manner.

When it comes to the driving test…

Forget about your examiner. It is normal for learners to get nervous when a driving examiner sits next to them. You can pretend that you are taking a friend out for a ride. And since you want to give your passenger a smooth ride, do the same with your examiner.

So you passed the driving test, learning hasn’t ended.

Passing a driving test doesn’t necessarily mean that you are experienced in different driving conditions or situations. You may want to keep in touch with your driving instructor even after you have passed the test. You want to have post test skills such as night time driving, motorway driving and driving in snow to ensure that you will have a lifetime of safe driving.

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